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Long Prayer Beads with a Stunning 10cm Rhinestone Sross

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Glass Beads with a Custom Pendant 90cm

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Introducing the Glass Beads with a Custom Pendant, 90cm in Length

Are you seeking to combine spirituality and beauty? We present to you our exquisite glass prayer beads, which not only adorn your neck but also reflect light and radiate the colors of the rainbow.

These long, wearable prayer beads, as shown in the picture, are crafted from crystal-cut glass beads. Among these beads, some are cut using the AB technique, which means they shine beautifully in various shades, as if the rainbow has been captured within them. This makes the prayer beads truly captivating and piques interest.

Furthermore, these glass prayer beads feature stunning silver foil beads, adding an extra touch of brilliance and radiance to the overall design. The combination of crystal-cut glass beads and silver foil beads creates a luxurious and elegant look, making these prayer beads truly special.

The centerpiece of this jewelry is a magnificent 10cm rhinestone cross. The crystal rhinestones on the cross correspond to the shades of the glass beads, creating a harmonious ensemble. The size and luminous appearance of the cross make it a striking and significant symbol, enhancing the spiritual significance of the jewelry.

The glass prayer beads are attached to a durable and unbreakable cord, ensuring their longevity and durability. Additionally, the jewelry features a safety clasp that opens in case the necklace becomes entangled, guaranteeing the wearer's safety.

These glass crystal prayer beads are 80cm in length, and with the cross, their total length is 90cm. The price of the jewelry also includes an elegant gift pouch, making it the perfect gift for those interested in faith and beauty.

Whether you are a spiritual individual yourself or wish to present a meaningful piece of jewelry, these crystal prayer beads are the perfect choice. They offer both the symbolism of the cross and visual beauty that will delight every wearer.

You can also select your favorite colored glass beads and the pendant you desire for the glass prayer beads.





























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