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Me and my prayer beads

My prayer beads are always with me. I use them when walking in the forest, traveling in the car, or when I need help with anxiety or uncertainty. In the evenings, while sipping my tea, I often take out the beads and pray to God, reflecting on the events of the day.

Using prayer beads is an excellent way to deepen your prayer and connect with God. It helps me focus on my prayers, and the tactile sensation of the beads is a great aid for those who struggle with concentration. I use my prayer beads in various ways; sometimes, I recite a prayer of gratitude, thanking God for the good things in my life. Other times, the beads represent my worries, which I leave in the loving hands of Jesus through prayer.

I believe that everyone can find their own way of praying with prayer beads, and it does not require a specific type of prayer or religious practice. For me, using prayer beads has strengthened my relationship with God and deepened my faith.

If you are considering using prayer beads for yourself or a friend, I encourage you to give it a try and find your own way of incorporating them into your Christian spiritual life.


Avendea Ahonen
Customer of Maria's Heart Jewelry Web Shop

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