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Acrylic beads with a cross design prayer beads

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These prayer beads are meant to be held in the hand while praying and are not the same as a bracelet prayer beads that serves as a permanent accessory and can be used as prayer beads if desired. 

These Protestant prayer beads, which are held in the hand, consist of a total of 33 beads in addition to a call-to-prayer bead, representing the years of Jesus' life on earth. To learn more about Protestant prayer beads, please visit:

Prayer beads begin with a cross, which reminds us of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. Among the beads, there are five special ones that are larger or different in appearance than the others. These five beads form a cross when viewed from the front and are called the "cruciform beads."

After the invitation bead, the first bead for prayer is called the "salvation bead," which reminds us of Jesus' gift of salvation and eternal life. The other four cruciform beads remind us of the four Gospels.

Between the cruciform beads are seven smaller beads called "week beads," one for each day of the week. They remind us of God's creation work in seven days. The number seven is significant for Christians as it symbolizes spiritual perfection. To learn more about this, please visit:

Prayer beads can be made from various materials, including acrylic beads with a cross design, wooden beads, and stone beads. If you cannot find suitable beads, custom orders are also available. Please contact us for more information.

In summary, prayer beads are a powerful tool for Christians to deepen their faith and connect with God. By using them, we can focus our minds and hearts on prayer and meditation, and be reminded of the central message of the Gospel.

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