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Wood Bead Necklaces

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Welcome to our exclusive range of wood bead necklaces by Jewelry Shop Maria's Heart.

Delve into the collection of prayer necklaces, artistically crafted from certified, non-toxic wooden beads. Ethical and environmentally-conscious, each bead is a testament to our commitment to preserve nature and avoid rainforest exploitation.

Tailor-make your spiritual accessory. Our fully customizable options allow you to determine the necklace's length, color, and pendant. This ensures that your chosen piece resonates uniquely with your personality and spirit.

Your safety remains paramount. Designed with EU-compliant safety locks, our necklaces prioritize your well-being, releasing automatically when needed.

Gifting made easy and meaningful: Every necklace comes beautifully packed in a gift pouch, ideal for those cherishing both spirituality and earth's well-being.

Go beyond aesthetics with our creations. Immerse yourself in the dual allure of tangible beauty and spiritual significance. Each necklace, with its beads grouped in sets of seven, serves as a reminder of the divine perfection acknowledged by both Christians and Jews.

The combination of robust, unbreakable stringing and meticulous craftsmanship assures longevity. Revel in the harmonious blend of faith, style, and nature with Korupaja Maria's Heart's wooden bead necklaces.

Craft your unique, sustainable spiritual statement piece with us today, and cherish its enduring charm.

The key benefits of the prayer necklaces made from wooden beads by Jewelry Shop Maria's Heart:

Ethically produced: We only use certified, non-toxic wooden beads, ensuring no exploitation of rainforests.

Fully customizable: Choose the length, color, and pendant of the necklace yourself. Create a piece of jewelry that is as unique as you are.

Safety first: Our necklaces are equipped with safety locks that comply with EU regulations, automatically opening when necessary.

Beautiful gift: Each necklace is delivered in a gift pouch, making it the perfect present for those who appreciate spirituality and environmental consciousness.

Spiritual and aesthetic: Our jewelry offers both visual and spiritual beauty, combining a natural appeal with faith.

Durability: The reliable, unbreakable string ensures the longevity and durability of the necklace.

Experience the perfect blend of spirituality, beauty, and eco-friendliness with Jewelry Shop Maria's Heart's customizable prayer necklaces made from wooden beads.

Create a completely individual, ethical, and environmentally friendly piece of jewelry now!


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